Summer Kick-Off with Reading!

May 14, 2010

Books are a great way to while away a lazy Summer afternoon!!  Either for your child to read or you to read to them.  Whether you are wandering through a forest with pixies and elves or learning about the various trails and gold mines that exist in our own Placer County.   I love that this area has so many celebrated authors and that I am able to share them with you!! People that express their creativity with words and picture to inspire the minds of our children and spark imagination!!

I am so happy to kick off our Summer with an awesome event happening Sunday May 16!!  This has been something that I have been looking forward to since we opened.  At 12:30, author Tracey Stanley of Folsom, Ca will be hosting a story time.  A local artist and mother, she has her own Etsy shop under The Black Beret Art Studio.  She will be reading several of her books that she wrote and illustrated.

Tracey Stanley has written a series of books that are endearing and easy to read.  The illustrations are simple and cheerful.  Easy to read and educational, these stories are a wonderful cumuliation of imagination and fun!!

Please bring your children in to our very first author event, Sunday May 16 at 12:30!! We are just kicking off the Summer.  We have many future events planned and will soon be sharing with you our exciting plans!!

We have set up a story area in the back of the store and will have books available to order as well as juice and treats!!


Explore The World

May 12, 2010

This weekend was our Earth Day event and it was OUTSTANDING!! Thank you for all that came in!!  That being said, we are still celebrating ways to reduce, recycle and reuse!!  I want to encourage all our families and friends to help reduce the carbon footprint and look for ways to help others do the same.

I have always loved playing with my kids and watching them learn how to figure out a new toy and to ask all the questions that their quick little minds mustered.  In this day and age when so many toys are connected to the internetz and electronics, I wanted to give kids a chance to discover and explore toys and games that involved both worlds.

Remember blowing bubbles on a hot summer day, giggling in the wind?  What makes a bubble and where does the rainbow in the center come from?  How about catching bugs from the tall grass?  What kind of bug did you catch?  Watch little legs run while trying to get a kite aloft?  How does a kite fly?  Allow your children to marvel over these feats that you yourself, enjoyed as a child!! Then explore the kid-friendly websites to answer the million and one questions that will be asked!  Engage in a new way of play!

I want to give children a chance to explore their world both off line and online and I am proud to say that I have found some great toys that accomplish that.  My goal as a parent and the owner of a toy store is to encourage children to play, imagine and learn in a variety of ways with a variety of mediums.

Play With Earth Day!!

April 21, 2010

This Saturday, April 24th in our little corner, the town of Loomis will be celebrating Earth Day and we will be joining them!!  I know I can hear you asking, there are toys and games that celebrate Earth Day? Toys and games that teach about eco-systems, science and engage children?

Absolutely!! Green science is a wonderful thing.  It allows children to explore science in an eco-friendly manner so brilliantly that they don’t even realize they are learning!! Discovering electricity that doesn’t mean flipping a switch or making a rocket from candy & soda! Puzzles made from recycled paper products, all of these things are available and fun for your children.

It isn’t enough to teach the three “R’s”, we also, have to show what happens when we do reduce, reuse and recycle!! Solar power is good but why and how does it work? Can you really make a light bulb light up with a potato?  What happens to all the paper that gets recycled? Why do we recycle?  These are all questions that children constantly ask and questions that are easily answered with games, books and puzzles!!

Schools have integrated programs in recycling and reducing waste and our children have absorbed that knowledge as second nature.  There is more that can be taught, explanations that can be given, toys to be played with that illustrate all we are trying to accomplish.  The best part of these toys and games?? They are eco-friendly and educational!!

As our town celebrates Earth Day, we are going to be celebrating in the store!! Meander on over and check out our Earth Day specials!!  You never know what may happen when you Imagine, Play & Learn!!!

Imagine, Play & Learn

April 16, 2010

Welcome to Skadoodle Toys!!!

A place where we provide children with the stepping blocks to spark their imagination, engage their senses and motivate movement.  Our store is an extension of our family, Our family welcomes you to our store.  A home where everyone plays together and hopes that you enjoy the game!

There is a wide variety of toys and games as both past and future collide with toys from your childhood to toys that your children have introduced to you.  Trains and building blocks are nestled together with baby dolls and shrinky dinks.  Do you have a family game night? Remember the games from your childhood?  Introduce your children to the laughter and the fun from your memories while creating memories for their childhood.

At a time when all ages are focused on technology and video games, not that those aren’t fun, we supply the ways to figure out the how, why and the why not!!  We also, have a wonderful assortment of toys and games that are just plain fun!!  Children want to learn without learning, to play outside and have it be play!  Challenge and encourage children with play while playing with them.  Take a step back from the computer and blow bubbles or maybe create a magical place together!!

Our family welcomes you to our home and we hope that you enjoy the visit!!